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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most commonly asked questions about our VR services. If you have any additional queries or further information, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Our work process is quite simple to get started with. Simply sign up on our platform, select a pricing plan that suits your needs, and schedule a project discussion with our team. During the discussion, we'll gather information about your business requirements and goals to match you with the right virtual assistant. Once allocated, you can begin assigning tasks and working with your VA through our user-friendly platform.

YourDailyTask knows such future scenarios can occur where the VAs will need leaves. So, we have an emergency plan in place with backup virtual assistants who can step in to ensure continuity of service. Rest assured, your tasks will still be completed as scheduled. In case your VA is sick, it is up to you to ask them to take a day off, for which we won't change anything. 

Our cost-charging process depends on your chosen pricing plan for our VA services. We offer both hourly and customized plans. You pay only for the hours worked by your virtual assistant with our hourly plans. Customized plans' pricing is determined based on the specific services and hours agreed upon during project discussion. We keep the entire process transparent so clients won't face any surprises. 

Yes, all our VAs are trained professionals with certification to handle remote business tasks. Our platform matches the clients with their VAs according to their qualifications, expertise, and experience level requirements. At YourDailyTask, we have a diverse team with a wide range of skills. However, all our VAs have graduation degrees, and some of them even have higher education degrees. They are able to perform administration tasks, handle social media management tasks, or any specialized assistance for your custom plan.

YourDailyTask is committed to protecting your business data and information through robust security protocols. Our entire VA outsourcing service procedure is compliant with laws and regulations, so you can trust us to offer reliable service. All your business data and sensitive information are encryption with efficient security protocols. Therefore, no unauthorized party can access our data. Moreover, we sign an NDA with clients and a strict confidentiality agreement with our virtual assistance to offer complete data security. 

Yes, we offer our clients the flexibility to change their plans whenever they want. It can be due to scaling a business or limiting their VAs' responsibilities. You can discuss with our team of experts to access the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your pricing plan and adjust the number of hours allocated to your virtual assistant to better align with your evolving requirements.

No, We do not outsource any of our tasks to freelancers, as the privacy of our clients is our first priority. All Our VAs work from our office located at Mumbai, India.

In this case, we always have back up virtual assistant to work for you or else you can ask your VA to take day off and we will not charge for that.

We provide complete data security with the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is signed by you and our company, so be rest assured about the same.

Our all virtual assistants carries graduation degree as a minimum qualification. Some are with master and higher degrees as well.

YourDailyTask is created to serve our clients in the best possible way. We try to design our packages to suit your needs. With that said, if you feel that hiring a virtual assistant for a project or two is feasible for you, we can make that happen. Our wide range also has scope for assistants who are looking for short term or project based commitments for subsidized rates.

To help stay on top of everything that your virtual assistant does for you; we have devised an internal time clock that is used by the assistant every day. The assistant computes how much time he or she has spent on doing a particular task. This lets you check on their progress.

The corporate world is wrought with a number of tasks. Fortunately, YourDailyTask has their group of virtual assistants ready for almost anything. From making spreadsheets, to answering calls to even conducting market research and party planning on your behalf – we offer quality services in all fields. Our assistants are available round the clock to address every need.

Yes, you can certainly have your virtual assistant use your company email address provided you have it discussed with the operations manager.

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