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Real Estate virtual assistant

How Does Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Will Help Your Business?

We offer real estate support specialists to handle your property dealing tasks. Our virtual real estate assistant helps realtors to manage their databases. The assistants will update their clients’ names, status reports, addresses, emails, and other critical information. This will give you clear insight into the projects you are working with. The VAs will keep track of the property on sale, about to be sold, and transaction details.

Through the Internet and other telecommunication mediums, VAs will assist you with all the back-end operations of the real estate business. Our real estate virtual assistant services can be additional support for your business. Get in touch with us today to get started.

What tasks does our Real Estate Virtual Assistant do?

Our real estate virtual assistants handle multiple services for property dealing organisations. With their expertise, you can perform vital work and keep the property database ready and structured in a spreadsheet. They also conduct research, organise client’s finances and manage contracts. Let’s check out the tasks well managed by our VAs.  

Property Management

Office Tasks


Realtor Virtual Assistant

Why Choose Us

YourDailyTask ensures a satisfied service delivery for its clients. Our virtual assistants handling real estate clients have industrial expertise and vast knowledge in the business field. Moreover, they have great years of experience in assisting the clients.  

We are one of the realtor virtual assistant service provider in India. You can hire professional real estate agents.

Professional Quality Service

Our professional real estate virtual assistant team delivers high-quality service. The VAs will offer you the best solutions to enjoy profits in the competitive and ever-changing real estate market.

Trained VAs with Real Estate Strategies

Our virtual assistants have undergone extensive training covering real estate techniques, property marketing ideas, and strategies.

Managing Agreements or Contracts

The real estate marketing virtual assistant will handle the property agreements and contracts. VAs put their best efforts into keeping real-time updates on the transactions and databases.

If You Have Any Query?
Call Us Now!

Get in touch with our real estate virtual assistant services today to hire VAs. We discuss your service requirement during the consultation meeting and accordingly assist a VA for your business. 

Skills to Seek When Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to hire a real estate virtual assistant? Are you aware of the skills to check out before hiring the VA? YourDailyTask has brought you the skills below to go through before hiring real estate assistants.  

Advantages of Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Increased Business Productivity

Our real estate virtual assistant service helps to increase productivity. They will handle administrative tasks and client work of your business. Real estate assistants will free up your time to focus on your high-value activities.

Cost Effective Solutions

When you are hiring a full-time employee, it can become expensive for small real estate businesses. On the other hand, hiring a real estate virtual assistant offers a cost-effective solution.

Improved Customer Service

Our virtual assistant helps to improve customer service by managing all client inquiries and requests. They will handle the property deals promptly and professionally.

Service Flexibility

Real estate virtual assistants focus on service flexibility by allowing real estate to scale their services based on their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have queries related to hiring real estate virtual assistant services? Check out the common queries with their solutions. This information will give you informed knowledge about the service and clear your doubts.

Yes, your real estate virtual assistants help you with setting and organising appointments. They will arrange your meetings and appointments according to your calendar availability. 

Your VA will assist you with exceptional communication skills, detail-oriented skills, and tech-savvy skills during property dealings and negotiating. 

The virtual assistant will manage the databases by updating the client and property details such as names, emails, addresses, status reports, and other information.

Check out the VA for real estate services that are trustworthy, reliable, and honest during negotiation and multitasking skills. 

Your real estate virtual tech assistant will offer technical support services, from troubleshooting to software updates. 

Your real estate VA will handle multiple tasks, such as administrative, operational, data management, and technical tasks. 

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