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Virtual Personal Assistants

Hire Virtual Personal Assistants from YourDailyTask for personalised business solutions! 

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How Will Our Virtual Personal Assistant Help Your Business?

Want help to handle your business activities with custom-built solutions? Hire personal assistant online from YourDailyTask. They will remotely handle your tasks and projects in a professional manner. So, now, effortlessly, you can get updates on both internal and external business activities. Virtual assistants will be your remote-working professionals who have experience across various fields. Overall, they will assist you in reaching your business goals.

Our virtual assistant service will be your cost-effective alternative to guide you in your daily tasks. The assistants will stay organised and ease your daily tasks; further, they will focus on business growth.

What tasks will our Virtual Personal Assistant handle?

Our virtual personal assistants will perform a variety of tasks with personalised solutions. Starting from administrative support to personal tasks, everything will be handled by the assistant. They will keep track of each of your tasks. Moreover, our VAs are experts in handling multiple tasks. With their excellent communication skills, the personal virtual assistant will streamline the entire process. Here are the tasks our VAs will handle for you.

Personal Tasks

General Tasks

Travel Management

Why Choose Us

YourDailyTask will be your ultimate destination for hiring a virtual personal assistant in India. By hiring our service, you will enjoy the following benefits;

Top Notch Service Delivery

Our service ensures that the virtual assistants are delivering on-time services without any delay. We make sure our clients enjoy the maximum benefits. 

Skilled and Professional Assistants

We have highly experienced virtual assistants who will handle all your personal and general tasks. You will get expert assistance virtually for managing your tasks. 

Round-the-Clock Service

By hiring our service, our clients enjoy 24/7 customer support. Our assistants will be available all the time to manage your tasks.

If You Have Any Query?
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Get connected with our team online to learn more about our virtual personal assistance service. You can directly connect with us through our website. 

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Skills to Seek When Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant

Many clients get confused while hiring a remote personal assistant in India because they are not aware of the skills. Before you proceed to hire, here is the list of skills to look out for. 

If you want to hire a professional  virtual personal assistants, YourDailyTask is perfect option for you.

Advantages of Hiring Our Virtual Personal Assistant

Improved Turnaround

You can get rid of time-consuming and repetitive tasks and pass them on to your virtual assistant. So, now you can dedicate your time to other major activities and issues to let your business grow.

Reduced Staffing Costs

Virtual assistants will reduce the costs of recruiting staff and fresh talents. It will cut down the costs that are needed to invest in their training and salary packages.

Improves Work-Life Balance

By hiring a competent virtual personal assistant, you can ask them to manage small business tasks, and you will get some much-needed time off from work. And you will get time for yourself.

Enhances Customer Support

Customer service and support will eventually improve, and you can witness a stronger customer base with the help of our VA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries regarding our virtual personal assistant services in India? Here are the general questions and basic queries mostly asked by our clients regarding the service. Go through the solved queries to understand them in detail.

Ensure your virtual assistant is familiar with current technologies such as cloud services, desktop sharing, and VoIP. They must have experience working in MS Office and knowledge of online calendar scheduling.

You can assign them various business tasks to handle on your behalf. You can ask them to perform extensive market research, create presentations, address employees’ queries, and assist your customers. 

Yes, your business will enjoy an online presence with the help of a VA. They will handle your business website, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Our virtual personal assistants undergo an intense selection procedure before they are available to be hired by our clients. We conduct background checks and verify their academic qualification and experience before hiring. 

Our VAs keep track of the time through computer-based and time-tracking software. It will easily let you know the time spent on your project.

Under our service, we will offer you several plans and help you understand the billing terms.

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