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Penalized by Penguin 2.1? How to recover it? Know from SEO Virtual Assistant

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If you have heard of Google Penguin then you surely must be aware of what it is all about. In simple terms it is the algorithm update to the previous Penguin 2.0 and this update is believed to affect the earlier updates in a very big way. So what does it mean for the SEO? Well it means there have to be efforts taken to survive this update. The major difference between the 2.0 and the 2.1 update is with respect to the level of analysis and the capability of crawling and more deep level page analysis of the activities related to spam. So the major purpose of this update is to deal with the spam.

If the links are not of high quality and there are too many exchanges of links then this would affect the site as far as penguin 2.1 update is concerned. So what happens to those sites which are affected by these update? Those sites will find that the page that has been impacted with will not appear in the search engine results. So what could be done in such situations? Well, the answer is to hire a virtual assistant who would help in recovering from this.

You could deal with this situation by hiring a SEO virtual assistant. What could be done is that all the areas related to proper management of the SEO could be handled by the personal assistant so that you may not face such issue in the future. All your links and other SEO related stuff could be managed by the SEO virtual assistant. When the site gets penalized by Penguin 2.1 Update then there arises a need of an effective SEO and content campaign.SEO virtual assistant

The various aspects like knowing the reasons for being penalized and the ways to recover from it could be done easily by hiring a SEO virtual assistant. The virtual assistant may go through the SEO history of your site and build an effective strategy for the future. The recovery of your site could also be done by the virtual assistant. The virtual assistant would help you in recognizing the links that are problematic and also help in getting away with them. The deletion of the subpages could be managed by the virtual SEO assistant.

By hiring a virtual assistant you could also take the other steps that are required in the recovery. One of the other ways of recovering the website is also related to the social media presence.  You could give the task of maintaining your social media presence on the various social media platforms to the virtual assistant. The social media profile updates also would be useful and this could be done by the personal assistant.  Another task that could be given to the virtual assistant is that of obtaining great quality backlinks as these are highly useful. The virtual assistant may simply help you in the various SEO techniques through which you would b able to regain the lost traffic.

So with the help of a virtual assistant you could take the required steps in the recovery of the site.

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