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Search Engine Optimization is a science in its own right. Seo Assistant makes sure you grace the coveted spot, you will have to put in a great deal of work. Essentially speaking, the average SEO copywriter needs to keep certain terms in mind. These are keyword, tags and alternative text. Insignificant terms on their own, they combine to create a powerful force that can truly affect the way a website is perceived through search engines. But before we understand the workings of these words, we have to understand what these terms truly stand for.

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Optimizing for the web truly involves assessing the best keywords for your website. Essentially keywords are phrases typed in Google to search for information online. These keywords are deep-seated into the content and their frequency in the content determines their likelihood of being given a higher rank. Finding the right keyword to uses mostly depends on the content and the target audience. You can couple this with the right keyword tracing tools like the one provided by Google, called the Google Keywords Tool. This tool is a combination of SEO deriving algorithms. Manually configuring your Keywords is another alternative, but it might not be the best one here. You can try researching your niche and creating a spreadsheet of all the possible keywords you can come up with. This way you can hone your words according to what the audiences might look for and find suitable content matching it online. The one thing to keep in mind here is not to use keywords arbitrarily as that would be spamming and will hardly give you the required results.

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Tags for an article are essentially some words which best describe what the article is about. They appear at the end of blogs and web page articles. These tag terms can also be used as keywords for searching the articles on the search engines as help for virtual personal SEO assistant. A lot of people might not know this but WordPress provides an excellent tool for creating tags. This page provides the facility of creating tags for every article and creates an individual tag page linking all articles with the same tag. These are important because they help your website rank higher. To understand what tags would work involve an in-depth understanding of our subject and the target audience. Whatever be the case, you should try and devise tags from the phrases used as keywords.

No Alternative to Alt text: On-Page Seo Optimization

Since images and videos are an integral part of web content, SEO copywriting virtual SEO assistant have also found ways to devise this little tool to the web page’s advantage. Alternative text is used by web-based text browsers to be used when users cannot access a specific image. By writing an effective content as your alt text you can ensure that all your content is accessible by the search engine. The rule of thumb is to keep these alt text limited between 5 to 15 words at the max. Configuring this text using similar words used in keywords will better the chances of the website of being ranked higher in search results.

Selecting the best content for your blog or article is a job best done by an SEO expert or an experienced

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