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The global market poses great opportunities for business owners to expand their boundaries. Not only does this mean casting a wider net, but also means introducing a wider range of ideas/products for consumption. When it comes to opening stores or offices overseas, there are many problems one can face. Language, for one thing, is the biggest barrier. While English is widely considered the globally unifying language, some countries let their mother tongues become the official language for business. Now as the average business owner, you have the choice of mastering these different languages, to let your business run smoothly. Frankly speaking, no entrepreneur has the time to take language classes when they have a business to set up.

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  • Transcription: The Need of the Hour

Most companies hire interns to transcribe meetings and conferences. But that just puts an additional task on your shoulders of looking for such a qualified employee. Why not hire a virtual assistant instead? The concept of online assistants has not been one unheard of. People have been offering their services as virtual secretary to employers located at geographically distant locations. It is soon becoming the fastest growing vocational industry in the United States. With the plethora of skills in their kitty, online assistants are ready to take on the roles of real-life assistants with equal ease. Though an extremely thrilling and cost-effective idea, many employers still shy away from making good use of this investment. This is because many people suffer from the legitimate privations of hiring a VA.

  • Web Assistants: Translation and Transcription

Web assistants are extremely nifty when it comes to helping out with office work. From web design, content management, to answering calls and responding to emails – a virtual secretary can do it all. Many assistants are also displaying marked skills in the transcription services. This is especially helpful when you encounter a foreign language but do not quite have the resources to hire an expensive translator. Not only do their modern shorthand typing techniques maintain the accuracy of the official occasion but also simplify the process if it happens in an unknown language.

Mr. Tin-Wah who runs a software organization in Hong Kong had hired a virtual assistant from YourDailyTask to translate and transcribe the minutes to his meeting in New York. He hooked up his computer to a high-speed internet connection, connected to his online assistant Gregory through Skype and let him record the ongoing meeting. Gregory who is adept in over 7 different languages transcribed the recording with near perfect accuracy while translating it to Japanese at the same time.

  • Qualities to Look For

When searching for a VA to help with transcriptions it is best to look for candidates proficient in different languages. A good way to gauge this would be to seek a sample of the same. Not only must the ideal transcription VA be accurate and therefore a good listener, but also must possess common sense, sound research capabilities along with excellent spelling, grammar and formatting skills. (Virtual Personal Assistant)

Your business is as good as the personnel you hire. In such a case, you should equip yourself with the best transcription VA you can find.

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