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Hire a Virtual Assistant Services India: Customers to Be Wary of in the VA Industry

Everyone tends to think that the virtual assistant services job is an easy one. All they do is work remotely and earn hefty amounts by the hour. Although it might be a growing industry, it is no less a taxing job as any other. VA’s are heavily dependent on the business from their clients to be able to make their living. That being said, handling a myriad of clients is no joke. There are numerous tales of wacky clients that are spread through the VA industry. There are a number of clients that the potential hire might encounter. While some are dream employers, some can turn out to be quite nightmarish. In a world where choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea is the only option for the poor virtual assistant services, here are some clients he should keep away from.virtual assistant services

How to hire a Personal Virtual Assistant Services!

  1. Free Sampler: Remember the client who wants more and more samples of your work, so much so that the assigned work also becomes a “free sample” leaving you with no salary to call your own? Yes! That type does exist. On such occasions, the assistant needs to be firm enough to demand actual work and prompt delivery of salaries.
  2. Scope Changer: All of us have met the scope changing employer at least once in our lives. This person enumerates the project as a small scale one on an initial level. But as the work progresses, he seems to expand the scope to make it a large-scale project. The worst bit is that he agrees to pay you only what he had agreed upon in the first place. To remedy this, VA’s should have a standard hourly arrangement of work.
  3. Intrusive Boss: There are not many words which can describe what one feels at the hands of a boss who is too inquisitive of the progress of his work. He will leave infrequent emails, call personal assistant at odd hours, demand video conferencing services just to know how far along you’ve been in completing a task given only a while ago. An online assistant needs his due time to finish work. This is something that the employer must understand.
  4. Unavailable yet Demanding: This is one employer that every personal virtual assistant services This one stays unavailable from all communications platforms. He refuses to answer mails, does not respond to queries, dismisses your work-related concerns, but is prompt and harsh when it comes to expecting the submission on time. Employers must understand that a successful professional partnership stems from equal communication.
  5. Revision Aficionado: What is any VA’s ultimate nightmare – an employer who feels that every draft of work submitted is below sub-par standards. This type of employer makes you stay up late at night revising the work for the umpteenth time, just so that he can look it over to have you revise it yet again. It is best to avoid such an employer in order to keep one’s personal virtual assistant services for sanity intact.

It is a very tempting prospect for a new VA to be hired by any and every employer. Steering clear of these ones will help him sail better in the shark infested waters of the industry.

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