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Derek Lasher has never met his assistant Tara although they spent a greater half of their day communicating with each other over work. Derek has only seen Tara over Skype and this remains mostly their only form of communication. This is because Derek operates in San Francisco and Tara works from Mumbai, India. Tara is a pocket-friendly/cheap virtual assistant who works for $5-6 an hour. She performs various office tasks but has never entered Lasher’s spacious office. Derek agrees that this approach is different but is comfortable with the idea of having Tara around.

Why are Virtual Personal Assistant services Good?

VAs are excellent tools for those who want to minimize overhead costs. These candidates are hired on a contractual basis and are paid on an hourly basis instead of being paid on a monthly basis like regular employees. This lets you save on infrastructural and resource costs. But how affordable is the service? There is a host of online assistant-providing companies that charge as much as $50 an hour. Most startup companies cannot afford this and thus are dissuaded by these services. Cost-effective assistants are truly a need of the hour. While local assistants are charging exorbitant amounts, entrepreneurs are increasingly inclined towards outsourcing these jobs to workers in other continents who charge as low as $5 an hour. These assistants can be readily hired from various virtual assistant services and companies. But the real question lies in reliability. How can you expect your web assistant to clock their work fairly? What if they are charging you more for work that they are not really doing?virtual assistant services

Possible Concerns of some Cheap Virtual Assistant Companies!

It is not wrong to feel that your VA is cheating you. After all, since you cannot see them, you cannot be sure. To this end, some cheap Virtual Assistant services providing companies offer a feasible solution. These companies offer to let you remotely view screenshots of your assistant’s work progress. When you hire their assistant, you get access to timed photographs which are enough to clarify your doubts. And, Choose wisely!

Virtual Assistant Services Contract.

Virtual professionalism depends on a great deal of trust. When you hire an employee online, even if it is for a short while, you need to know that they will keep the best interests of your company at heart. This is explicitly covered in a contract. This binding agreement delineates your working relationship, terms of conduct and also the defined amount to be paid as salary. This contract also informs the assistant of your work expectations. This will leave fewer errors in the work you receive from them.  Bear in mind that expecting you minimum wage VA to magically be proficient in everything will be a folly. Some VA’s are good at financial services while some are good at day-to-day office administration. In this case, it is best to hire more than one assistant to get your work done.

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