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Your phone wouldn’t stop ringing, you have at least 12 documents to edit and there is a growing pile of unread emails in your inbox. It would hardly be surprising if you ended up shrieking in misery for your out-of-control life. You might have a wonderful professional year chalked out that you cannot wait to start out just yet. But as the year progresses you gradually come to terms with the fact that you cannot do it alone. It doesn’t matter if the task us as simple as running a blog or even a business, you need to keep your feelers out for opportunities of growth. But being chained to a desk all day does not quite help with that. These are times you’d wish for a genie, so why not settle down for a virtual Secretary instead?

Finding a decent virtual assistant can prove to be a task. You are looking for someone you can trust with all your proprietary information. Thus this investment cannot go in vain. That is why you should follow this list to find the most trustworthy sites for hiring the best VA’s.

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Twitter: Twitter has taken over the social sphere by storm. Not only can you tweet about your day, but can also look for web assistants here. The only thing you need to do is a tweet about it. You will immediately receive replies and direct messages from companies and services. This portal is also a great way to connect with your assistant. If you’d like the assistant can tweet about the progress of the work as it gets completed.

  1. International Virtual Assistants Association: This is a nonprofit organization that dedicatedly serves the requirement of assistants all around the world. The client need only submit an RPF. After duly processing their request, this organization connects the VA’s to their clients.
  2. freelancers: Here is an organization that lets the VA’s work all round the year for you. Their flexible subscription plans will woo your senses. They also provide a direct number to your assigned assistant who can be reached at any time of day.
  3. Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce: If you’re looking for foolproof resources and the best virtual task force for your company, the answer lies here. The organization conducts thorough screening processes to include the best in virtual assistance. You will be able to find a host of helpful resources pertaining to hiring a virtual assistant.
  4. Elance: You need only log on and deliver the details of your project. There are numerous tools to help you keep track of your assistant’s progress. Some of these tools include the time tracking and progress tools. You can customize your search for the perfect assistant by looking numerous work profiles. You have the liberty to set the price and let the assistants negotiate to work with you.
  5. YourDailyTask: This place is the go-to destination if you’re looking for affordable VA’s with quality work experience. All you need to do is place a quote. A representative from the company will contact you soon to guide you through the selection process.

Knowing where to get your very own cyber superhero is winning half the battle. Hire a virtual assistant today from YourDailyTask to make your professional life easier.

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