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What are the tasks that can be assigned to your Virtual Assistant, Defined below

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Virtual Assistant Services is an important ingredient in helping startups and businesses set in motion. Being a micro-manager might be a necessity at the outset, but as time passes it’s crucial that you start releasing the steering wheel a bit. Here is a list of tasks that you can outsource to virtual staff to grow your business more effectively

Virtual SEO Assistant Services 

Doing all the ‘behind-the-scenes work on your site is important for the ultimate success of your business. optimizing blogs, putting in keywords, and all of the necessary things you don’t have the luxury of time to execute but makes all the difference in making your site obtain a high ranking on Google – there are VAs who specialize in SEO task and can help you execute this task effortlessly and with a limited budget.

Importing databases

Creating new software? Starting up an e-newsletter? Suggests you have to import lists or databases – undertaking all that stuff with.csv files and spreadsheets takes a whole lot of time and is usually tedious. –Why not gets a VA to execute this task for you without taking on stress?

Virtual Personal Assistant for Creating reports

There are a number of reports you have to create on a daily basis as a manager, it could be Sales reports, postage cost reports, mileage reports – and a whole lot –  to save you the stress of creating this report you could seek the service of a competent VA to get it done.

Transcribing audios 

You could document your client’s notes and have them transcribed to save you the stress of typing them up. It could be an Interview you granted someone or completed an online class and need to get it transcribed by a virtual assistant so you could use it for other things such as e-books, blogs, videos, etc.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Creating forms

Be it website forms, survey forms, expense forms – any forms you require – they take some time and patience to create and that’s always an issue for a lot of business owners but you could take advantage of the service of a VA to get it done in a short time.

Preparing meeting minutes

You wouldn’t want to spend the whole day dealing with those scribbles from a meeting and converting it into a perfectly clear set of minutes. Find out how you can get a kind VA with expertise for deciphering scrawls and they will immediately get it done in a matter of hours.

Moderating blogs

Blogs are amazing marketing tools but they are living documents. People will find them long after you’ve written them and if you’ve done it right; you’ll get plenty of comments. It is important to moderate every comment instead of automatically letting people post just anything on your blog – a VA can perform this task for you effortlessly.

Virtual Research Assistant 

Do you need some figures or research data for a presentation or a couple of figures for a client document? Or perhaps you want to find some quotes for your FB page. If you don’t have the time to undertake that research, a VA will gladly do it for you – you just have to give them the requirement and budget ahead of time.

Preparing presentations

PowerPoint slides. They have been the problem of several business owners because the animations didn’t work out right or some element of the design is messed up. This can make bad for a manager. Why not give your logo and notes over to a VA and allow them for doing it correctly

Data Entry

You might have a list of people who attended your event and gave you their email addresses on a sheet of paper. Someone definitely has to input them into your database and a VA can execute this task quickly and accurately.

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