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Virtual Assistant Company Vs Freelance Virtual Assistant

The biggest drawback of working with a virtual freelance assistant is that you’ll never know when the VA will leave you in the drift.

Comedy Bible author Judy Carter shared her experience in a blog post. She recruited and trained a VA from a freelancing platform. Before she starts to feel the joy of outsourcing, however, her VA left without prior notice.

If you hire a VA from a renowned virtual assistant company, you will never experience this type of flaw. What’s more, if VA’s job doesn’t satisfy you can ask for a substitute.

Here’s a rundown of the top advantages you can reap from hiring a trustworthy agency’s VA:

  • A decent virtual assistant company offers a free consultation to help you find the best VA according to your requirements.
  • A virtual assistant company has experienced VAs. And you’re not going to have to teach the VA. The moment you hire a VA you can start assigning tasks.
  • When you work with a virtual assistant provider, you’ll never have to think about absenteeism. When your VA is ill, there will always be another VA available.
  • A VA organization provides you with a secure choice to scale up your operations.
  • With a great, VA provider, your data is secure. Some virtual aid organizations employ VAs only after VAs sign an NDA

The best thing to hire a VA from a virtual assistant provider is that before you are finally employed, you can try a VA. Many virtual assistant companies give their VAs a paid or free trial. Also, some firms, including YourDailyTask, offer a money-back guarantee of 100 percent on their VAs.

So, you should be ready to hire a VA now. Three points below which will make the recruiting process smoother if you consider them:


Understand your requirements

This is the most vital part of hiring a VA. You should have a clear picture of what you will be delegating. Create a list of activities that you would like to assign.

As Renée Warren rightly said in her Entrepreneur article, “Say no to the stuff that won’t move the needle.”

To delegate, you should make a list of all the non-core business tasks. When you have your criteria established, a VA will be easier to employ.

Researching the Best VA

You do not have to go through this process if you are going to hire a VA from a virtual assistant company. All you need to do is tell a VA provider about your requirements, and you’ll be getting a professional VA. But if you are hiring a VA from any freelance website/portal, it is a must to interview the prospective VA.

Matching VA’s skills with job descriptions

The VA that you will be recruiting must have the skills and abilities that the job requires. Most of the leading VA companies give their VAs a free/paid trial. And if you want to recruit a VA from a renowned VA firm, you will not be facing any problems. Nevertheless, if you intend to employ a virtual assistant, you can determine the competencies of potential virtual assistants.


To reduce the workload you will be hiring a VA. And the method of recruiting must not be boring by itself. When you choose a known and respected virtual assistant service, there is no problem you will face. But when you are going to employ a freelance virtual assistant, you have to be patient. Getting specified criteria makes the hiring of a virtual assistant simpler. By doing the tiny things for you and executing them correctly and well, a great virtual assistant will save you time and money. If you manage the virtual assistant well, your firm will flourish.

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