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How to use Social Media for making your Brand Global?

Virtual Personal Assistant for Social Media Strategy!

A certain Peony Orchard restaurant makes up their mind to change their menu to include food for their vegan customers. Since word of mouth is the less effective method in the small community that the restaurant grew up in – the business suffered greatly. This is when the owner decided to take matters up in his own hands. He hired a virtual assistant to set up an interactive website, replete with games and attractive prizes. The game, much like Farm Ville, allowed the customers to grow virtual produce and use them to make virtual food for their own Orchard burgers. The genius of the game was the fact that it allowed users to discover hidden free vouchers which would earn them a lovely meal in the real restaurant in town. Soon the game grew popular and links of it were appearing on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The viral quality of the game soon garnered enough shares and re-tweets to become an internet sensation. The business earned huge profits and the average vegan customer learned of a vegan joint which served good food at reasonable prices.
social mediaThis is a “sharing” economy where strategies like social media optimization are used as leverage to secure a better hold over customers in the current market situation. “Likes”, “Tweets” and “Follow” is becoming the rule of the land and to sail through in these shark infested waters, the average small business owner must make full use of such strategies.

When customers purchase clothes on Etsy, they are prompted to share their purchase on their social networking website. This, in turn, invites the attention of their peers and thus creates a greater footfall on the website. Social media is an indispensable tool for small businesses who want their customers to discover, engage and consume with the product. Thus to make a successful impression, the content has to be devised effectively. Many people hire qualified virtual assistants to do the same. This virtual secretary based companies deploy VA’s to convert content to conversation, build relationships with the company and thus derive potential business. Thus the web assistant must focus on generating dialogue, influencing partnerships, bring segmentation into effect and draw the attention of the customers.

At the end of the day, social media coaxes customers to be socially active on a virtual level. Online customers are no longer looking for information with the expectation of only coming across defined results. There needs of interaction, maintaining a connection with other users on the virtual platform are increasing. People only visit websites which they know or which have been recommended by peers. This degree of personalization demands that the brand should come across as real to the customer. Thus the assistant has to master the moolah-vending strategy of framing the correct keywords which are at par with the expectations of the customer. So when the customer searches for the product on leading search engines, the results are displayed along with matching ads. These ads will redirect him to further resources on the company website.

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