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Hire a Virtual Assistant and Reduce Your Workload

Mr. X is a very busy man. He is the owner of X-Corporations and has to attend a multitude of meetings all day. He has to get through to his sponsors, prepare presentations to please clients, and have workday lunches with potential business partners. His schedule being this tight does not leave him with enough time to attend to the menial work. A small organization that often focuses on the larger picture fails to pay attention to the minor details. This is where an assistant comes in. Assistants primarily attend to calls, sort through important emails, and keep your virtual and real appointments for you. But Mr. X has no time to interview candidates for his assistant’s job. What should he do?

Small businesses often need administrative assistance. For the times when you do not want to hire a permanent assistant – you can always bank upon a Virtual Personal Assistant, better known as a VA. But what is a VA? A VA or web assistant is a professional who attends to your work remotely and works strictly on a contractual basis. As these employees are not on your regular payroll, a relationship with them is the same as with any other professional partnership. As the brand name is tied closely to the quality of work, you will want your workforce to be the best. Here are some tips to keep you on guard when you hire a VA.

  • Knowing what to expect: Prior to screening potential candidates for the job, you need to be aware of the skills you’re looking for. It is important to understand those different candidates will have different skills for the job. Some candidates can be proficient in web design and some can be skilled at financial handling. However, their aptitude for performing administration is what will be the most prized common factor. Since you will need to hire someone whose skills are most compatible with the job description, you will need to obtain their details. In a profession where one size is rarely for all, it is important to be absolutely clear about what you expect.
  • Look through groups for VA’s: Looking through the web assistants group will also fetch you, good candidates. These groups have a built-in directory for aspiring candidates classified according to their geographical location. There are numerous groups like this. Some of the most notable ones include The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, the International Virtual Assistants Association, and the Virtual Assistant India Networking Association Forum. These interactive sites let you streamline your search approach based on skills. Some even let you post a proposal for interested members to get back to you with.
  • Keep distance in mind: As VA’s operate remotely, they rarely need to be in the same city or town as you are. However, there are times when you need to meet them face to face to get some work done. In such cases, it is wiser to look for assistants in and around your city. If your budget is not a deterrent it will be wise to include travel incentives for occasional international travel.
  • Work in Sync: As the assistant is not going to be present in your office, they will have to be available at all times. You will have to make sure of that especially if your assistant is operating from a different time zone. It is understood that they will not be working exclusively for you; still, you will need to make arrangements to make sure your work gets done within the stipulated time frame.
  • Determine their salary beforehand: Some Virtual Personal Assistant charge by the hour. This amount varies from $4-$15. Some can also charge you on a monthly or weekly basis. Determine the most comfortable mode of payment before you seek your assistant. This will help you streamline your approach.

A virtual personal assistant can be a boon to your professional endeavor. This list will prepare you for what is out there so that you can easily make your informed choice.

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