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Virtual Chat Assistants

Want to improve your customer support with extra help? Hire our skilled virtual email and chat support assistants today!

Yourdailytask is a leading virtual chat assistant service provider, you can hire Email and virtual chat support assistants.


How Will Our Email & Chat Support Assistant Help Your Business?

For every business, small or large, customer support plays a vital role in success. Satisfied customers spread their words about your products and business, encouraging more people to buy from you. YourDailyTask has brought exclusive chat support virtual assistant services for all business types. We have highly trained assistants with exceptional verbal communication skills. Our VAs will be your saviour in handling your customer support and service. From replying to emails and solving queries to answering calls, they will handle all the mediums of communication for your business. All your potential clients will get the necessary feedback, information, and replies on time without any delay. 

Our customer support virtual assistant team is highly experienced in handling multiple communication software and platforms. With our service, your business will notice improved customer experience. Get in touch with us and sign up to create an account and hire your VA!

Chat Support Assistant

Chat Support Assistant

What tasks does an Email & Chat Support Assistant do?

Hiring an email & chat support assistant from YourDailyTask will be beneficial for your business. The VAs will handle all your customer service tasks through various communication modes. Our service will be a smart way to offer real-time support to your customers. If you want to hire an email and chat support assistant, so YourDailyTask is one of the best choice for you.Contact us, and we will assign a VA within 24 hours for your service! Below are the tasks our VAs will handle on behalf of your business.

Phone Support


Email & Chat

Why Choose Us?

We have excellent years of experience in providing virtual assistance services to various industrial sectors. All our VAs have undergone specific training related to their expertise to offer the best for clients. Our email and chat virtual assistants are trained with verbal skills for high-quality customer support. 

Top Notch Quality

We assure our clients with 100% guaranteed service quality. If you face any problem with our VA, we will immediately take necessary action and replace them with a new VA. 

Experienced Virtual Assistants

We only hire candidates who are experienced in customer assisting service to deliver our email and chat support VA service.

24/7 Customer Support

Get round-the-clock access to our service. Our consulting team will be available all the time to help you sign up and assign you a VA. 

if you have any query?
Call us now!

Contact our virtual assistant service through call or mail. We will be active 24/7 to answer you and provide the necessary help. Based on your service emergency, we will help you to assign you a VA as soon as possible.

Skills to Seek When Hiring Email & Chat Support Assistant

Have you made your decision to hire a customer service virtual assistant from YourDailyTask? It’s high time to check out the skills before hiring the VAs. You will get access to the talent pool, but before you start to interact or perform interviews, here are the skills to consider:

Advantages of Email & Chat Support Assistant

Handling Customer Queries

Now, you can free yourself up from handling customer queries. Our virtual assistants will handle all the customer queries and provide them with assured quality solutions.

Resolving Customer Complaints

The customer care virtual assistants will handle and take care of your customer complaints. They will put their best efforts into solving them over chat itself.

Managing Chatbots

Your virtual assistants will manage your chatbots remotely. Real-time chat replies, along with customer support and collecting feedback, will be under their control.

Assisting Service and Product Related Issues

Customer’s issues regarding the service and products will be solved. The VAs will process the return, delivery, and exchange details over chat. They will discuss everything in detail to assist your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions or queries related to our Email & Chat Support Virtual Assistance? Check out the FAQs to solve your general queries. These are the most asked questions by our clients before hiring our VAs. These will offer you a clear insight into our assistance service.

With the help of email and chat support virtual assistants, you can save up to more than 50% on operating costs. You can simply offshore your email & chatbots to a virtual assistant to handle on your behalf. They can offer your customers 24/7 customer support inexpensively from different time zones.

Your email and chat support VA will handle multiple tasks such as replying to queries, resolving escalated cases, forwarding queries, customer support for your eCommerce store, new customer registration, and recording complaints.

Yes, our VAs offer 24×7 service to the clients. They can work for you in any shift to offer support for your customers. 

Yes, all our VAs are professionals who have experience working with clients from different industrial sectors. They have excellent communication skills to handle international clients.

Your email and chat support VA will be located remotely. He/she will handle all your emails and chatbots from a remote location. 

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