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How Will Our Social Media Virtual Assistants Help Your Business?

We understand social media channels have become the ultimate pathway to flourish your brand online. With multiple operational activities, at times, it’s hard for businesses to focus on their social media profiles. This is why YourDailyTask has brought exclusive social media virtual assistant services to manage the platforms on behalf of the business. We have highly experienced social media experts to assist you in managing social media accounts. The VAs will regularly post, update, and reply to tweets and comments.

Our VAs will handle every aspect of your platforms. Moreover, they will assist in creating interesting and engaging content to promote your business growth and bring in more organic traffic. Consult us now to know the hiring process!

What tasks does a Social Media Virtual Assistant do?

When your business owns multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there are so many tasks to handle in the pages. The virtual assistant will assist in regularly posting written and media content. They will take care of replying to your followers in the comment section. The VAs will follow SMO practices to handle advertisements and campaigns. Here are the tasks the VAs will handle for you:

Social Media Presence



Why Choose Our Virtual Assistance Service?

With diverse years of experience, we have worked for several clients and supported them with our virtual assistant social media service. We have successful records of providing our clients with social media platform management assistance.

Great Service Quality

We always take care of the quality while delivering our service. Our virtual assistants have undergone an extensive selection procedure before hiring. We ensure quality is not compromised by any means.

Skilled and Dedicated Social Media Experts

Our Social Media VAs are highly skilled experts who have technical skills and industrial-grade knowledge. They will handle your social channels professionally. 

24/7 Custom Service and Support

Being partnered with our service, your business will witness enhanced customer support. Any queries regarding our VA service, we will resolve immediately. 

if you have any query?
Call us now!

Are you ready to contact us to hire a social media virtual assistant? Get in touch with us through mail or directly call us to know more about our service. We will assist you in hiring the right VA to meet your service requirements.

Skills to Seek When Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Are you aware of your skills before planning to hire social media virtual assistant? We have brought you the skill set to check out before hiring the VA.

Advantages of Hiring Our Social Media Virtual Assistant

Enjoy Great ExpertiseEnjoy Great Expertise

By hiring our virtual assistant, who specialises in social media management, you will get their expertise and stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. They will provide valuable insights to create a social media strategy.

Business Consistency

Your VA will keep your social media accounts updated regularly with fresh and interactive content. They will put their best efforts to increase engagement and attract audiences.

High Flexibility

Virtual assistants will offer you flexible service and will work on any schedule. Whether you need support for months or weeks, our virtual assistant will support you whenever you need their help.

Content Management

Have queries related to our social media virtual assistant services? Here are our FAQ sections with questions mostly asked by our clients. You get answers to your general doubts and questions regarding our service. Go through them before hiring our VAs. These will offer you a deep insight into our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries related to our social media virtual assistant services? Here are our FAQ sections with questions mostly asked by our clients. You get answers to your general doubts and questions regarding our service. Go through them before hiring our VAs. These will offer you a deep insight into our service.

Once the consultation meeting is done, along with the sign-up and payment procedure, we will assign the VA who perfectly matches your requirements. We will forward you the resume before you plan for an interview session. 

Yes, if you need a social media VA urgently, we will assign an expert as quickly as possible. Generally, it takes 24 hours after the sign-up process to assign a virtual assistant to a client.

After you make your decision to hire the VA, we will share with you the subscription details along with multiple payment options. After successful payment, we will call you for quick staffing and assign you the VA.

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By hiring social media VA for the business from YourDailyTask, you will get rid of investing in hiring full-time employees and providing them with salary, insured benefits, and much more. Overall, it will cut down your overhead costs. 

After you hire a social media virtual assistant, you will get better access to understand customer behaviours and preferences from views, comments, and activities on your pages and events.

Yes, if you face any issues or if you are not satisfied with our VA, you will get an immediate replacement.

We revel in the reviews from our happy customers!


"I can't thank YourDailyTask enough for their outstanding support. Their VA is responsible for our social media management tasks. Now we have built a strong community on various SNS platforms."


"YourDailyTask's hourly pricing plans have saved us both time and money. We appreciate the flexibility and transparency in their billing."

GIYB Director, Zernick Web Solutions

"I very much value our partnership over the years that helps me settle through my entrepreneurial journey handling hectic tasks. All I can say is YourDailyaks is simply amazing!"


We have business markets in more than 5 countries and growing. Thanks to YourDailyTasks, we no longer think language can be a barrier with their multilingual VAs availability"

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