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The remote personal assistant providing industry is on its way to becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the coming years. The idea of hiring a virtual personal secretary has taken the world by storm. While some prefer the conventional personal secretary approach, some are willing to bend rules and go for an unconventional approach. Most people are anxious about hiring invisible assistants as most don’t really understand the finer process of working with an online assistant. So here are some basic differences which will make the distinction plain to all.

 Characteristics of a Virtual Personal Assistant.

The basic difference lies in the fact that the personal assistant is located in the employer’s office. The said assistant is only able to perform tasks assigned to him by the company he works with. This makes his service exclusive to the company he is affiliated to. This candidate usually acts as a mediator between the management and the other employees of the organization. He is vigilant of the rules and helps in maintaining office conduct by supervising all subordinates. Ideally, the personal assistant is the trusted right hand of a successful organization that comes up with helpful and creative suggestion in the time of need. It is his primary duty to ensure the smooth performance of office work on or off the office site. In addition to the general administrative duties, the personal assistant is also in charge of keeping the business and personal schedule of his superior. He is also supposed to coordinate events and optimize his boss’s professional time efficiently.

What is a Virtual Assistant India?

The virtual assistant, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur in his own right who works independently from a remote home-based office space and does not provide any physical presence to the company he is affiliated to. He merely communicates through virtual means and delivers his work through emails, faxes and in special cases, postal means.

Such a web assistant is widely proficient in a number of office and managerial tasks as well as numerous relevant virtual services as well. Not only does this let him work with a wide number of resources but also lets him engage with a number of specialists outside of the organization. Thus his working abilities are not restricted to the job description. Web assistants are engaged by multiple employers ranging from individuals to corporate clients. His work is primarily assignment based and seeks payment only for the hours served. Usually, such employees charge on an hourly basis, the rates of which depend on their experience. VA’s have flexible working hours and consume their resources to get your work done. This means that you will not have to pay them anything more than their going rate.

Being an entrepreneur lets him hold a job at all times, and unlike the personal assistant, the VA has no risk of ever losing his job. If he were to lose a client, he can take up many more clients in the future. The virtual executive assistant or Remote Personal Assistant provides dedicated and quality services without using company mean for professional growth.

Knowing these key differences will help you make an informed choice in selecting the appropriate candidate.

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