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Virtual Assistance Pricing Plans

Get your money's worth with Flexible VA price plans and Packages

Are you looking to optimize your productivity, reduce your workload, and gain more time to focus on your core business functions? YourDailyTask is here to assist you with our top-notch virtual assistance services. Since every business is unique, with different cultures and operational processes, it’s only fair your business gets done with your unique tasks with the personalized assistance it deserves. Keeping this convenience for our client in mind, we have come up with a flexible range of pricing plans and packages. 

Check out below some of our standard plans that can be customized for your specific usage. We avail our pricing features for various business types, including Startup Plans, Small Business Plans, and Entrepreneur Plans. If you are not ready for a commitment with us, we have a Trial Plan for you with $89.90/month until you are ready to be a part of our packaged plans. YourDailyTask offers pricing plan designs to perfectly suit the client’s budget while fulfilling your virtual assistance needs, whether you have a growing corporation or a busy entrepreneur. 

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Trial Plan

$ 89.90 / Month

Startup Plan

$ 319.60 / Month

Small Business Plan

$ 559.20 / Month

Entrepreneur Plan

$ 958.40 / Month

Factors affecting our pricing plans

Inclusion of your type of tasks

The nature and complexity of the tasks you require our virtual assistants to handle play a significant role in pricing. Basic administrative tasks may be more cost-effective, while specialized tasks that demand expertise may come at a slightly higher rate.VA experience and expertise level

We have a trusted team of certified professional virtual assistants with a diverse range of skills and experience levels. As it suits your budget and task demands, we can avail you of both highly experienced and entry-level expertise. Higher expertise level VAs can efficiently take charge of all your complex projects with a bit higher price tags compared to beginner-level assistants. We ensure you have access to VAs who match your specific experience requirements level.

Work demand and pace

The volume of work you need to be completed within a specific timeframe affects pricing. Rush jobs, which require completing a large number of activities quickly, can cause intense physical and mental strain, which drives up the cost of virtual assistants compared to slower-paced fields of work. We provide plans that can handle occasional as well as high-volume workloads, letting you just pay for what you require.

Client's time zones

Even if you will mostly make online interactions with virtual assistants, you should consider the time zones, locations, and cost. Your location and time zone can impact pricing, especially if you require real-time support or assistance during non-standard hours. The price plan can vary across countries and even within states.

Multilingual virtual assistance

If your business operates in multiple languages or regions, our multilingual virtual assistance services may be required. The choice of a virtual assistant can greatly be influenced by the assistant’s language skills, especially when working on international projects that call for a multilingual virtual assistant. The price can vary according to their supply rate.

Take benefit of our hourly pricing plans

Flexibility is at the core of our pricing structure, and our hourly pricing plans are a testament to that commitment. Here are some benefits you can expect with our  hourly plans:

With our hourly pricing plans, clients will only have to pay for the time that their tasks are completed by our virtual assistants. This plan design ensures you get the most value for your money without wasting any resources. 

Hourly billing is particularly advantageous when your tasks vary in complexity and duration. You won’t be locked into fixed plans that do not fully meet your dynamic requirements.

Our hourly pricing plans enable businesses to easily scale up or down based on their requirements. Our business model ensures convenience and flexibility in accommodating workload fluctuations. Moreover, you can track the progress of your tasks that our VAs handle in real time. This transparency empowers you to manage your virtual assistants effectively and make adjustments as requirements arise.

Long-term contracts for Virtual Assistance service outsourcing can tie you down to a provider that you later realize does not benefit you anymore. So, YourDailyTask offers our hourly pricing design plans, so you won’t feel obliged to use our services when it’s time you don’t need our VAs. Although there are flexible terms in our pricing structures, without a long-term contract in place, you will have the freedom to take assistance from our VAs whenever and however your tasks need come.

Comprehensive Virtual Assistance tasks included!

When you choose YourDailyTask for your virtual assistance needs, you gain access to a wide range of tasks that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily operations. Our pricing plans can offer you:

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