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84 Time Saving Jobs for Virtual Assistant Services

By handling this list of activities for you, a general virtual assistant can assist you in saving money on email and schedule management tasks. sending greetings e-cards, invitations to events, etc.

Remember what Chris Ducker said about the most precious asset for entrepreneurs?

Instead, think of the everyday things that you take care of… Will you really be the one to do all of them?

Well, yes, of course, we know you’ve got a lot of jobs, a small amount of time, and financial capital.

After all, rest assured that getting skilled Virtual Assistant Services will increase your productivity and allow you to place your online company on the fast route to growth and achievement.

Not only will you have more time to devote to core revenue-generating operations, but as your company empire is growing, you will have more free time to spend enjoying with your loved ones.

Start by creating a list of tasks, no matter what sector you are interested in:

1. You believe that you are the best and you love to do it,

2. You’d like to do so, but you can’t

3. There’s not enough time for you to do so.

The whole image is getting clearer now, right?

You are well informed of all those boring, time-consuming everyday tasks that you will be better able to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, don’t you?

And by the way, don’t stress about your Virtual Assistant tracking time. You will keep track of all the billable hours you are going to pay for with a nifty app like Hubstaff. Well, smart, right?

Now, let’s find out some of the time-saving things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you quickly.

Organization and Administrative Tasks

Hiring a reliable Virtual Assistant would certainly do a lot of good for you and your company when it comes to planning your everyday tasks, handling your super busy schedules, and your business administration.

After all, if you’re not super planned, you should not hope to be fruitful, right?   

Seasoned Virtual Assistants are immensely helpful in:

1. Planning your appointments
2. Travel preparing and organizing
3. Tracking deadlines and submitting reminders for you
4. Data entry
5. Storage and organization of files
6. Spreadsheets Create and Maintain
7. Presentation preparation
8. Preparing minutes for an online meeting
9. Creating reports
10. Create and customize diagrams, maps, pivot tables, etc.
11. Creating different templates of documents and forms
12. Creation of surveys, surveillance, and reporting results
13. Management of tasks between you and the rest of your team
14. Preparing educational materials for new team members and training them
15. Managing and sorting emails and keeping organized and easily available all your company correspondence
16. Managing phone calls and screening them
17. Preparation of online meeting agendas or phone conference calls
18. Creating your business database
19. Managing backups of your data/system
20. Events organizing and submitting invites
21. Transcribing files with audio or video
22. Keep a close eye on industry news, summarise it and send updates to you and much more.

In short, almost all your business procedures can be developed and systematized by a Virtual Assistant who is well-organized and skilled in data management.

Your Virtual Assistant will explicitly and actively help your business growth by taking on all those pesky business management and organization duties.

Bookkeeping Tasks

Many Virtual Assistants are proficient in accounting and bookkeeping today. Then, when you can spend it on more strategic tasks, why would you let these mundane activities suck your precious moment?

Here’s what cost management activities a trustworthy Virtual Assistant can handle to spare you the stress:

1. Processing transactions for invoices
2. Performing transactions related to your accounting
3. Receipts processing
4. Entering receipts into a spreadsheet
5. Tracking and logging your expenses for business
6. Providing reports periodically or emailing a list of your expenses
7. Reconciling all your transactions
8. Billing clients
9. Chasing late payments
10. Using software such as MYOB, XERO & Quickbooks to do simple bookkeeping
11. Annual planning of taxes and other related tasks.

Often, entrepreneurs leave all this work to mount up, which is not recommended, particularly when there is someone professional who can keep an eye on your budget so that you always know if your ventures are financially on the right track.

Editing Video or Audio Files

You can create raw video or audio materials with the help of a vetted Virtual Assistant and provide guidance on how to edit them so that you do not have to think about certain specifics that typically take up a lot of your time.

A professional Virtual Assistant can support you with the following tasks when it comes to video or audio editing:

1. Rearranging, inserting, and/or deleting video clips and/or audio clip parts
2. Develop transitions between video clips smoothly
3. Color correction
4. Adding extra factors to enhance videos: effects, graphics, music, etc.
5. Applying filters and other improvements
6. Eliminating unused and faulty bits
7. Background noise reduction
8. Transcribing video and audio files
9. Sourcing, creating, and adding a basic video and audio intro
10. Sourcing, production, and inclusion of a simple outro video and audio
11. Annotating videos
12. Uploading YouTube or Vimeo videos
13. Uploading videos on different platforms of social media
14. Uploading videos to other video-sharing sites
15. Uploading video or audio files to your blog posts (e.g. podcasts)
16. Other simple editing activities for video and audio (image and/or sound).

A Virtual Assistant trained in visual and audio technology will easily execute these and other related tasks and save you loads of cash and precious time in turn.

If the work has been completed, if necessary, you can review it, provide input and ask for any tweaks.

Or you can even take it a step further and ask your trained Virtual Assistant to build video and audio presentations and other file types from scratch for your organization based on your comprehensive guidelines if they excel at that.

Customer Support Tasks

Although customer service is essential for almost every organization, as the business expands, engaging with and single customer personally is bound to become extremely tough and time-consuming.

So, to provide customer support on your behalf and build long-term relationships with your clients, you can find a Virtual Assistant with excellent communication skills.

Customer service activities that you can assign to your VA include:

1. Establishing a customer service system in your online business if you haven’t had one
2. Responding to customer inquiries and telephone service requests
3. Making outbound calls e.g. via Skype
4. Checking and reacting to voicemail frequently
5. Returning phone calls in your name when necessary
6. Answering email inquiries
7. Emails for receiving, reading, sorting, and filing
8. Writing, proofreading, editing, and sending customers follow-up emails
9. Reading, proofreading, customer editing, and submitting outbound emails
10. Responding to live chat inquiries from the website
11. Providing resources for live chats when clients need assistance
12. Setup Autoresponder for Email
13. Setting up live chat
14. Creation, response, and closure of support tickets
15. Processing orders from customers
16. Refunds processing
17. Sending greeting cards, messages of thanks, and invitations to clients or customers

What’s more, being in touch with the client and tech support of other businesses (when you’re a customer) or supplier liaison are extra business contact practices that could save you hours with a good VA.

To ensure continuity in customer service, you should also include instructions for the creation of email templates and phone scripts (or build them yourself).

Online Research Tasks

Conducting comprehensive research is one of the most time-consuming operations in any organization. Yet, it is important for your future business decisions and movements to build a stable base.

So, why wouldn’t you free up some time and raise a Virtual Assistant with outstanding abilities out of the annoying study, who can gather the right information for you?

Depending on their level of experience, assigning the following research tasks to your Virtual Assistant will make your life much simpler:

1. Doing a general web search for a given subject
2. Product hunt
3. Keyword research
4. Pricing research and comparison
5. Seeking important data about your rivals
6. Finding the right applications for a specific assignment
7. Searching for the lowest-cost utility provider
8. Figuring out the highest-rated product for a particular use
9. Researching blog posts to figure out what gets read in your niche
10. Researching topics relating to your services or goods that you can build content around
11. Finding media  company firms where your business can be promoted
12. Researching client service platforms relevant to the needs of your client
13. Research social media sites where the target audience typically spends much of their time
14. Research on hashtags
15. Study on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other keywords in social media
16. Researching webinar sites appropriate for the needs of your consumers or clients
17. Finding third-party items most appropriate for the needs and specifications of your clients or customers
18. Researching industry developments and exploring the new ones in your field of expertise, etc.
19. Don’t you believe that you will save a massive amount of your time getting a well-versed Virtual Assistant to do all this heavy work for you?

Your VA will not only collect all the information you need for you but arrange and present it in a way that is easy to read and understand so that the important points stand out.

Moreover, the VA should double-check all the information for consistency and show what they see as the best possible or cost-effective additional steps to take.

So, how much do you value YOUR time?

Don’t you think it’s a smart investment to hire a competent virtual assistant for all those more or less regular tasks that suck time out of every day?

No? Well… Think again…


Then, with the help of our professional Virtual Assistant Services, stop wasting time and burning money and start growing the company faster.

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