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The growing demand for digital marketing services over the years has made us question the need to sustain the traditional methods. Digital marketing services have become a norm, leaving traditional methods in the dark. All media magnates are slowly defecting digital portals in order to keep up with the times. This brings us to assess if traditional marketing is slated for a timely departure or not.

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Traditional marketing is an amalgam of all the conventional methods of advertising. This includes print ads, magazine/newspaper ads, business cards, billboards, brochures, and radio and television commercials. Traditional marketing uses these conventional methods to etch the brand image into the minds of the consumers. Digital marketing services, on the other hand, is the evolving sibling of the traditional method. This mode banks upon technology to make advancements. This includes banner ads, social media optimizations, website creation and blogging to name a few. The goal of digital media turns the objective of traditional advertising around. Unlike traditional, digital aims at letting their consumers find them. This can be achieved by conducting a search for them organically or via search engines. They can chance upon a page through a search engine result. Trust develops only when the consumers learn to grow familiar with your workings.

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Traditional marketing has had years of experience in this field and has borne numerous tried and tested methods to attract the audience’s attention. People are still drawn to magazine ads and billboard posters because they seek familiarity in what the brand has to sell. This traditional marketing has a universal scope to itself. The only disadvantage of this mode is that it is a time and resource consuming method to gain the trust of the consumer. Digital marketing services have come up with extremely cost effective ways to do the same. The traditional method also lacks in its ability to remain aloof from its consumers in hopes that they will eventually take some positive action in their favor.

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Digital marketing, on the other hand, is easier to handle and provides measurable results of success. It has an even wider scope and can reach to people across continents in a matter of seconds. Social media and networking sites have made it possible for up and coming business ventures to reach out to their target audience with a number of interactive ways. Consumers can now have a direct connection with the brand. This makes it seems real and believable. The only drawback here is the fact that social media campaigns need some time to pick up speed and show desirable results.

But the real question lies in the fact that in the age of sharing economy, what will become of the traditional method. The population has learned to accept the new high-tech way of going about their lives. The outreach of the digital is undeniably higher, but the foolproof method of the traditional forms may still have a place in the marketing strategies. Digital and traditional media can otherwise coexist in peace. Hire a Marketing assistant today to take care of the social media planning for you.

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