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Learn Google Penguin Update from Outsourcing Virtual Assistant India

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Company shares Penguin fluctuating analysis.  The only constant aspect of technology is its ever changing attitude. True to that principle, Google has surprised us users yet again with another algorithm update. The word on the block is that this new update changes the way users experience the web through the search engine. The real question is how does it affect the common folk? This new update called Penguin does a little more than streamline the ranking results. This update also has an effect on the way SEO copywriters compose the content.

The first thing about search engines that one needs to know is that it is an immensely helpful tool in propelling online businesses. The online community poses a huge potential market of consumers who are looking to connect with the product on a personal level before actually consuming it. This makes the content on such product websites a crucial selling point. So when the user runs a query related to the product in question, the search engine goes through all the relevant articles online and presents a combination of the best articles for the user to see. The catch is the fact that the most optimized content takes away the top slots. The top 5 slots usually deemed the most trustworthy therefore needs to be perfectly in sync with the user’s requirements.

Thanks to this new Google update, SEO copywriters and Content writer virtual assistants handling content will have to watch what they write. This update contains an algorithm which monitors over optimization of keywords. Commonly known as “web spam” – it refers to the tendencies of most SEO copywriters to load up the article or blog with keywords to land the coveted top spot. Google Penguin update is now targeting such spamming tendencies which produce rubbish content over time. The update aims to improve the quality of results on Google. Thus such high aspiring websites will be ranked low enough for the better and unique content to take precedence.

So what is the solution to this apparent problem? Better content – obviously! Your virtual secretary or SEO Outsourcing Virtual Assistant should design content as such that search engines can match it to the online queries entered by users.

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The Google Penguin update is designed to make pages for users and not for search engines. They target spammed content which provide empty links and redirecting attention to blank pages. The goal of the modern SEO copywriting assistant is to maximize the use of keywords while still maintaining an attractive virtual experience for users. In this lieu you have to lay off keyword stuffing tendencies. That is the one way ticket to losing top SEO rankings. Another way to go about it is to use words which the user will associate with the topic. If a user needs to look for SEO Outsourcing Virtual Assistant services in Birmingham, designing keywords like “SEO Birmingham services” will be a good way to go. Include one or two keywords so as to not confuse the search engine with a host of keywords from different topics.

Highlighting your keywords in the article will give it the necessary pop and will also make it easier to find in a host of other articles. Google’s penguin update will also place much value to related keywords to ensure that you are offering a great deal of variety in terms of information. This will make your search seem more relevant and hence will let you obtain a higher ranking.

The Google penguin update will turn out to be quite an asset for those who learn how to use it right.

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