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Which things successful Virtual Assistants must avoid?

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A virtual assistant is an aid to help you generate a stream of income for a client. However, it is entirely up to the client to decide the how’s and what’s of income generation and financing. The client in question dons the cap of the decision maker from a variety of task. He is in charge of running his business. However, some people make the folly of assuming that hiring a virtual personal assistant will be the end of all their problems. This is not the case. A VA is an independent contractor that is responsible for running his/her own business and provide services for profit. Hence you cannot ask this person to take care of your enterprise while you relax,

While there are numerous industrious online assistants providing quality help and services, there are some jobs that even the most hardworking VA should refrain from doing. As a VA, you are in no position to gauge success or earnings of the client. Hence you should not make any decisions pertaining to that. Given that it is a sensitive responsibility, it should have politely reneged to the decision maker.

Many clients look for VA’s at the time of company crises assuming that having an online assistant will save their enterprise. This is an extremely wrong notion of presuming. Potential assistants should steer clear of such clients who want to pile the entirely of business responsibilities. The assistant can only save time so that the owner can focus on the business end of the company. The VA comes as a support and can provide creative ideas to better your business.

Virtual AssistantThe next thing to avoid is being hired without any training. This means that every time one is hired, he should demand that the employer provides him with materials that will explain his expectations. This will help him in working and delivering the job without any errors whatsoever. Many people hire experienced VA’s without considering training. In order to work in sync with you, the employer must train the VA.

Even when working as independent personnel avoid being hired by clients who are unclear in terms of communication. When hired virtually, most online assistants rely heavily on the internet to communicate. Many VA’ have complained that their employers were unclear in terms of instructions and could not be contacted for clarification. This can turn out to be quite a deterrents it can affect the quality of work tremendously. Thus such clients should readily be avoided.

When working virtually, clients have often been known to delay payments or withhold them for the lack of approved quality. In such cases, it is important to clarify the terms of the salary upfront. This will clear confusions. Most virtual assistants like to be paid on an hourly basis.

If you wish to be a successful online assistant, you should avoid these claims and help your client do better business, by aiding him in the decisions that he needs to make. After all, your true success lies in the success of your client.

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