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What should be shared with your Virtual Personal Assistant?

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Virtual teams are quickly growing to become one of the prized assets in a growing corporate world. They are invisible virtual personal assistants companies who handle all the seemingly insignificant details of office work without physically occupying your office space. They work remotely and complete jobs in record time. The corporate world has learned to appreciate the immense help that these web assistants provide for such fractional price rates.virtual personal assistant

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When you work with someone virtually, it is important to maintain proper communication. When working with virtual personal assistants, this comes into play. Most assignments are sent via email. The company documentation is also made virtual companies available for research purposes. To this, the old-school businessmen express their concerns. Some of them are not comfortable with the idea of sharing valuable company information with assistants they haven’t met in the first place. This is an extremely valid concern. The need to protect intellectual property is an issue of significance to all businesses and it becomes even more so when you have to outsource your work to remote employees. If one is not careful enough, they might run the risk of violating the privacy of clients and precious company resources. History bears witness to a number of such violations in the past. But should you let this factor come in the way of your business? Instead of voiding the option of an online assistant altogether you should place security measures to make sure your precious data and documentation is secure.

When handing assignments over to your virtual personal assistant companies make sure that you thoroughly check for potential information that might void your privacy. In such cases, it is best to avoid handing over important passwords, security codes and information related to bank accounts. Keep your virtual secretary away from confidential company reports. This will limit their knowledge of sensitive information. Employers should only furnish information which they think that their assistants need to know. If sharing sensitive information is imperative it should only be done through properly crafted non-disclosure statements.

Creating a coded approach to company information is also a smart way to go about it. You can let your virtual personal assistant have access to company records, but only via a password. You can also set up privacy setting which restricts access to sensitive information. Also, it is important to change such passwords on a regular basis.

Keeping such sensitive information aside, the amount of company information that you wish to share with your web assistant is subjective to the needs of the assignment. If you’re hiring a VA to answer calls and emails, you can let them have your address book at hand. This will let them distinguish the important contacts from others. If you hire an assistant to file your taxes, you might want to let him have access to your tax records. If you want to hire a virtual assistant companies for accounting purposes, they will need access to company funds. In such sensitive cases, you might want to restrict complete access. You can create a security level that only allows them to view records and not alter them in any way.

Information is the key aspect to corporate control. In such a situation, setting up the best defense will be the perfect offense.

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