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When Its The Best Time To Hire a Virtual Assistant?

No matter if you are a businessman or an executive, time should always be seen as a valuable asset. Handling a profitable business requires solving variables in the equation of profitability: costs and revenue. With many things on the list to look into how you utilize your time, your success level will be determined Therefore, now is the best time to hire a Virtual Assistant!

Whilst the global business climate remains unpredictable and uncertain with debt-saddled economies, rising inflation, low demand, and a collapse of many political structures, businesses need to find ways to stay competitive. It means modifying tactics without sacrificing efficiency to keep costs stable.

One of the best strategies is to outsource work, particularly non-core tasks or those beyond the core competencies of the businesses. That is why outsourcing work to virtual assistants has grown massively in the United States, the most powerful economy on the planet. It was predicted that 30% to 45% of U.S. workers were formed virtual assistants in 2014. It is expected that this number will increase to 50 percent by 2020.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works from a remote location and is hired to manage a specific set of tasks, projects, or responsibilities that are defined. Alternatively, they are called “home-based workers,” “telecommuters” or “freelancers.”

Having a Virtual Assistant at a time of global instability and uncertainty will allow you to explore economic wind shear, as it gives the following benefits to your business:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility
    Business unpredictability has made firm business models and strategies rigid and self-organizing obsolete. You need versatile business strategies to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Hiring a Virtual Assistant improves the stability of businesses in many ways:

    Virtual Assistants mostly work hourly/monthly basis. If they’re not meeting your job expectations, you can just replace them. No need for the procedures of workplace adjudication.
    Differentials in time zone allow you to control working hours.
    You don’t need to allocate eight-hour work shifts to them. You may build more flexible work patterns to optimize efficiency while reducing the budget and increasing results.

  2. Improved Efficiency
    By delegating non-essential non-core tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you can devote more resources to handling the company’s core business operations.
    Most entrepreneurs and managers invest the first hour of the day in checking emails and communication. There will also be occasions during the day when phone calls disrupt your attention. You wouldn’t want to forget to pay your bills on time, as a company owner.
    These are some of the unessential roles you might delegate to your Virtual Assistant. Focusing on things that matter specifically to your company will give you more time.

Often, virtual assistants work according to deadlines. They will fulfill this if you assign them a deadline because that’s how they are paid. On the other hand, research has also shown that only 20%  of regular office workers are efficient.

Virtual Assistant

3. Better quality of work
Virtual Executive Assistants are not limited to basic tasks like secretarial or personal. The Virtual Assistant underwent an evolution that matched market demands.

Presently, for every form of skill or ability, you will find a Virtual Assistant. Such highly technical competencies and qualifications include as follows :

  • Bookkeeping
  • Information Technology
  • HR and Staffing
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Market Research
  • Spreadsheet Management
  • CRM Tasks
  • Data Entry
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Many More…

    If your company needs to do any of these tasks, the quality of the work can be guaranteed. Our virtual assistants have the experience, knowledge, and training required to deliver consistently top-notch services.

    4. Cost Effective
    The main reason companies outsource tasks is to optimize costs. For the following reasons, employing a Virtual Assistant saves you more money than recruiting a Salaried Full-Time Employee : 
  • Virtual assistants are contract/hourly basis. You don’t have to pay them a salary every month. You pay them per hour they work.

  • Virtual assistants aren’t paid benefits for full-time employees. Because they are not hired by the corporation, there is no compulsory compensation for virtual assistants and the organization has announced benefits.

You can further reduce the cost of hiring by contracting virtual assistants from remote locations such as the Philippines or India where there is a comparative advantage in the cost of labor.

The Philippines and India are consensus leaders in global outsourcing not only because of their competitive pricing but also because of the consistent quality of work.

5. Scalability in Functions
If your figures showed an increase in commercial activity and predict a need to boost production but you remain unsure about future prospects, hiring virtual assistants would enable you to expand operations with much less risk.

When scaling activities, you want to make sure that you are able to accommodate the increase in the volume of work without sacrificing your budget. Virtual assistance work’s versatile nature allows you to handle expansion while managing expenses.

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